Acorn Recovery Living

Acorn Recovery HomeAt Acorn Recovery Living our mission is to support each person we treat in experiencing a FULL recovery. We started our recovery homes to improve the continuum of care we provide.

Acorn offers residents an opportunity to receive continued support towards establishing themselves in their early recovery and greatly increasing their ability to achieve long-term recovery. Our
homes are located in Surrey, British Columbia.

Acorn Recovery HomeResearch shows that continuing care is essential in the treatment process of achieving long-term recovery. Residents can look forward to receiving support from both staff and their peers throughout their stay.

Acorn Recovery Living continues to build upon the integrative approach that Cedars teaches. Integrative healing focuses on the mind, body, and spirit, family systems, community support, recreation, and social involvement. We partner with our residents to cultivate a strong environment for recovery that is engaging, supportive, and encourages patients to continue the process of developing and utilizing the tools of recovery in their lives.

When you or a loved one arrive to Cedars for treatment, our primary goal is to support a full recovery that lasts. While some individuals are able to incorporate a disciplined recovery management routine after their inpatient program, many struggle with implementing the recovery principles that were taught to them. Balancing daily life and active recovery is challenging at the best of times. At Acorn Recovery Living, our professional staff guide residents through the many decisions they face in their early recovery and assist individuals with applying the tools gained in treatment to the demands of life.

Time and time again, people have entered into withdrawal management and treatment facilities
only to relapse due to a lack of continuing-care plans supporting sustained sobriety. In keeping with our mission, Acorn Recovery Living promotes a healthy, safe, and supportive environment for individuals and their recovery journey. It is here that patients are able to truly learn what it is like to live in recovery on a day-to-day basis.

Continuing residential care at Acorn Recovery Living provides residents with a greater opportunity to attain long-term recovery. Acorn acts as a stepping stone where patients continue the work they began in treatment, and begin to build a life in recovery. Upon completion of the Acorn extended care program, residents will have a greater foundation, upon which they can move forward into their new life of recovery.

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