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Acorn Recovery Home

Welcome to Supportive Recovery Living by Cedars.

Our mission is to support each person we treat in experiencing a FULL recovery. We started our recovery homes to improve the continuum of care we provide. Cedars’ recovery homes offer long-term support for our patients who need a safe and healthy environment to facilitate their early recovery experience after leaving our inpatient treatment centre. Our homes are located in South Surrey, British Columbia, open to both males and females. Research shows us that continuing care is essential for sustained sobriety—especially after undergoing withdrawal management and inpatient treatment.

Acorn Recovery Home

When you or a loved one comes to Cedars for treatment, our primary goal is to support a full recovery that lasts. While some individuals are able to incorporate a disciplined recovery management routine after their inpatient program, others struggle with implementing the recovery principles that were taught to them. Balancing daily life and active recovery is challenging at the best of times. At Cedars’ Supportive Recovery Living, our professional staff guide patients through the rigors of early recovery to help build and reinforce skills which support their newfound freedom from drugs and alcohol. 

Time and time again, people have entered into withdrawal management and treatment only to fall short due to a lack of continuing-care plans to support sustained sobriety. To help promote a healthy, safe, and supportive environment after withdrawal management and treatment, Cedars places a huge importance on each patient’s continuing care by welcoming them into our Alumni where they can access a suite of individually tailored programming to strengthen their recovery – Supportive Recovery Living is one of  many tools available. 

Continuing residential care at Supportive Recovery Living by Cedars provides residents with a greater opportunity to attain long-term recovery. We act as a stepping stone where patients continue the work they began in treatment, and begin to build a life in recovery. Upon completion of our extended care program, residents will have a greater foundation, upon which they can move forward into their new life of recovery.

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