House Rules

At Acorn, our team strives to provide individuals with an experience that promotes a full recovery. To help us do so, there are some rules and regulations that patients must follow. Below is a list of our expectations:

  1. Residents are expected to participate in all program activities and all meals unless excused by program staff.
  2. For at least the first 30 days, a resident in the orientation phase may not work.  This will allow them to give their full attention to recovery without the distraction of outside sources.
  3. Residents maintain custody of their own prescribed medications and over-the-counter drugs provided a doctor’s approval. In addition, vitamins and/or herbal or nutritional supplements must also be approved by a physician. Before these medications can be made available to a resident, they must be approved by the Director of Acorn Recovery Living.
  4. Residents are expected to keep their rooms and personal belongings in a clean and orderly condition. Rooms are subject to inspection and search at any time.
  5. Smoking is only permitted in the designated outdoor smoking areas. SMOKING INSIDE OF BUILDINGS IS GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE DISCHARGE.  Smoking cessation programs are available for residents wishing to quit smoking.
  6. Residents are not to use abusive or inappropriate language, nor engage in ethnic or sexual humour.
  7. The act of gambling, lending, and borrowing of money is not permitted at any time.
  8. Transactions between staff and clients are prohibited unless approved by the Director of Acorn Living.
  9. Residents may not initiate new intimate and/or sexual relationships while in the program.
  10. Dietary supplements may not be used while in the program. This includes energy drinks, weight gain powders, cleansing formulations, etc.