Acorn Recovery Living operates a daily structured program that requires all individuals to participate in each aspect of the program. Some of the program components include:

  • Written 12-step work
  • In-house 12-step meetings
  • Community 12-step meetings
  • Morning check-in
  • Keeping a clean living environment
  • Meal preparation
  • Socializing with peers
  • Group accountability sessions

These opportunities are offered as tools to help participants achieve their overall recovery goals and objectives.  To do so, our staff will assist each individual in developing a personalized recovery plan.

Long-Term Care Program

Acorn Recovery Living is offered to any individual who wishes to truly immerse themselves in recovery, and achieve their personal long-term goals.

This program presents a wonderful opportunity for individuals leaving treatment to surround themselves in a safe and supportive environment, amongst those who have shared similar circumstances. House-mates can look forward to receiving support from those around them and learn how to socialize and integrate themselves into society without the unhealthy dependencies they once relied upon. It is among peers that residents develop the tools necessary to sustain long-term recovery.

Our residential extended care program instills residents with valuable life and social skills. Residents experience how to live in recovery by working through the 12-step program, attending meetings, working with a sponsor and ultimately being of service to others.

  • Attending 12-step meetings
  • Progressing through the 12-steps
  • Keeping a daily planner
  • Developing accountability
  • Connecting with peers
  • Connecting with people in long-term recovery
  • Completing service work
  • Developing life skills
  • Planing and preparing meals
  • Shopping for necessities

Continuing Care Program

Once treatment at one of our centres is complete, you (or your loved-one) will be set up with a continuing care provider near home. We have personal relationships with a variety of continuing care providers, so there are options available in most areas. We offer an online continuing care program for those who live in the US, or rural areas without a nearby provider.

Online Continuing Care

This program is specifically designed for our patients who do not have access to one of our in-person continuing care providers. We are able to provide care for those who are unable to meet in person due to their location or schedule. Our continuing care meetings focus on relapse prevention, and are conducted via webconference using a trusted online video conferencing platform.

Individual Online Continuing Care

We understand that every person has a unique set of recovery needs, and we want to cater to each individual need. To do so, we offer an individualized online continuing care program for those who need extra one-on-one, individualized treatment.